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How Much Does Website Design Really Cost?

Do you find the cost of a website deterrent?
Website design is an investment. But how much is it worth spending?

It is true that as many different web design companies as you ask, you will get different answers about the cost of a website. Why is there such a big difference in prices?
Read the article and learn how to get a website financially.

What does the cost of a website depend on?

Not all websites have the same build requirements. Some websites consist only of simple pages while others have more specialized functions. If the idea you have for a website is complex the cost will be higher than a very simple website.

What is a “simple” website?

When we refer to a simple website, it is to separate it from an e-shop or any other more complex one. Simple websites consist of a home page, internal pages, and a contact form. A “simple” can be considered a portfolio website, a blog, or a website that mentions the services of a business., for example, is a simple website. See Figure 1 below for a sample structure of a simple website.

Which websites are complex?

Complex websites have more features than simple ones. A complex website is considered an e-shop, a hotel with a reservation function, a social networking site, and any other website that has coding requirements so that more extra functions are performed than in a simple one.

How much does a Website cost?

This depends on the company itself and the platform they use to build the website. In general, the construction of a website can cost from $500, up to tens of thousands. We have seen e-shops of € 10,000 that do not adapt to mobile phones (they do not have a responsive design), e-shops of $30,000 with key errors, but also e-shops that cost much less and yet do not lag behind in appearance or functions.

Why not pay for a website

1. Technology is developing rapidly. A website that will be built now, in 3-4 years will need to be renewed either in appearance or in functions. If your initial investment is very large, it will not allow you to reinvest in a more modern website.

2. About 80% of customers request additional work even after the completion of the website. This is usually because each business evolves and adds additional services, products, etc. The extra work translates into additional costs. Therefore, a website that initially costs you $3,000, is very likely to have cost twice as much at the end of the year. How to avoid this? First, you need to reduce the initial construction costs, and secondly, find the right partners to help you anticipate changes and eliminate such costs.

Website Costs at NODETRACK®

Many web design companies follow different tactics in order to charge you more than you originally agreed.

For example, something that unfortunately often happens to the detriment of entrepreneurs is the construction of a new website that is not responsive. We know companies that are in the field for many years and build websites only for the computer. These companies, knowing of course that today every website must be responsive, aim at the extra charge of the customer, which can exceed $3,000. However, this is not how NODETRACK® does business.

What does website construction in NODETRACK® include and how much does it cost?

At NODETRACK® the cost of a website for one website starts from quite low. The final cost is calculated based on the number of pages, additional features and language options.

All websites we build at NODETRACK® include the following important features:

• Responsive design.
• They are search engine optimized (SEO).
• They have an SSL security certificate.
• They are hosted on the best servers in the world.
• They have a personalized design.
• They are easy to use and modern.
• They are dynamic, which means that you can renew their content yourself.

If you are interested in building a website, contact us. We have the experience, knowledge, and how to help your business!