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SPECNET: International Community of Adults on the Spectrum

SPECNET is a newly founded Community that offers services to Autistic adults across the globe. For SPECNET, we sponsored and built a multi-website, created the logo and the brand identity. Some of the features this multi-website includes are a Marketplace for Autistic Adults to list and sell their products, Application forms for the numerous services that SPECNET offers, as well as Donation subscription for those who wish to contribute to SPECNET's purpose.

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ELEMASYN: Greek - European Student Conferences

Student Conferences are a mix of educational activities that will enhance the research effort and creativity of pupils in all countries. For ELEMASYN we undertook the creation of Brand Identity, website construction, brochure, and posters design, end more.

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Stone Studio

Stone Studio is a Greek Company that specializes in the manufacturing of artificial rock and bricks. The company was established in 2007 and needed a website that reflected their high-quality services and would help acquire more publicity among their target in Greece.

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Smart Toys E-Shop

Smart Toys is a family business that sells children's toys. The company had an internet presence before its collaboration with NODETRACK. In 2019, it was decided to create a new e-shop capable of meeting the great needs of the company in a variety of goods. With more than 1,000 products, Smart Toys needed a new online store built so that visitor browsing and the shopping process could be made easy and quick.

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Sapouni-Sou Handmade Soap E-Shop

Sapouni-Sou is a handmade soap manufacturer in Greece. We were excited to be chosen by the company as their e-shop creators and marketing consulting partners. For Sapouni-Sou, we built a responsive e-shop that aims the greek market and fulfills all their clients' need. Our eshop building services for Sapouni-Sou included a variety of services such as responsive layout, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Share Optimization, content building strategy, copywriting, photo edit and much more. For the time being the e-shop is only available in the Greek language. Should the company decide, an English version will be uploaded soon. If you speak Greek, however, or if you have enabled google translate, you can easily navigate through Sapouni-Sou website's pages.

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Aquamarine Hotel

Aquamarine Hotel is located in Vatika, Laconia. Is it a newly-built resort with a magnificent view to the sea and right in the center of every popular destination of the area. Our vision was to build a website worthy of the Hotel’s prestige that the guests will use daily in order to find all the information they need to a dream vacation in Greece. Take a look and see the result.

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This website was built for the Company’s Restaurant, MANOLI CANOLI located in Chevy Chase, MD. This website’s design suits the restaurant’s identity and enhances the menu’s Mediterranean feature. As far as usability is concerned, quick links have been added, given particular attention on the homepage and the menu. The result is an easy and quick navigation for all users: desktop, tablet and mobile.

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MANOLI CANOLI’s e-commerce website was built in order to replace the business’s old website. While the prior website served both Olive Oil production and the Restaurant, the new website is focused only on the company’s Olive Oil activity. As the business grew, the owners realised it was time to promote the 2 activities separately. Having two websites instead of one, led to better SEO scores since we focus on specific keywords. Additionally, we are able to perform more successful and targeted marketing actions focused on the different types of customers separately.

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