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Sapouni-Sou Handmade Soap E-Shop

Sapouni-Sou is a handmade soap manufacturer in Greece. We were excited to be chosen by the company as their e-shop creators and marketing consulting partners. For Sapouni-Sou, we built a responsive e-shop that aims the greek market and fulfills all their clients’ need.
Our eshop building services for Sapouni-Sou included a variety of services such as responsive layout, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Share Optimization, content building strategy, copywriting, photo edit and many more.
For the time being the e-shop is only available in greek language. Should the company decide, an english version will be uploaded too. if you speak greek, however, or if you have enabled google translate, you can easily navigate through Sapouni-Sou website’s pages.

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