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Online Store Costs – Invest Properly

Do you find online store costs prohibitive?
This is not always the case!

Indeed, the cost of an online store is higher than the cost of a simple website. This is because online stores have more manufacturing requirements. They have more pages, more complex functions, and a different structure.
On the other hand, it is not worth paying a fortune to get an e-shop.

If your name is not Jeff Bezos and your business is not Amazon, then any cost of $5,000 or more is excessive.

Find out what you pay for

Unfortunately, many web design companies and e-shops take advantage of their customers’ ignorance. The result is that they charge too much for a construction that is ultimately incomplete.

The most common tactic followed by some of the companies is to skip the mobile function, that is what we call Responsive Design. We have come across many cases where companies have promised a fully functional online store but without including this important function. Why does it happen? Because so, they have the opportunity to re-charge the company with a cost that starts from $3,000 to have a responsive design.

We still often see such companies promising search engine optimization (SEO) without optimizing the e-shop. They take advantage of the customer’s ignorance again. They claim that if they search with the company name it will appear on the first page of Google and that this is “optimization”. Well, it is not.

You do not have to know everything about the internet and construction to avoid being taken advantage of. We at NODETRACK® educate our customers and explain to them everything they need to know.

What the cost of an online store should include

For us, at NODETRACK® it is our obligation to build a successful online store. We do not want your online store to lag in operations and for us this is non-negotiable. So, we have included the key functions without charging you extra. These functions are:

Responsive design.
Online Store Optimization (SEO).
Dynamic e-shop so you can change the content of the online store.
Bulk upload of products so you do not waste time uploading them one by one.
Payment options for the customer (cash on delivery, card, or bank deposit).
Order search service in collaboration with the courier company you work with.

How much does it cost to build an online store at NODETRACK®

At NOODETRACK® the cost of an e-shop is not high and includes all the aforementioned functions. Depending on what you want to include in addition, the final cost is formed.

Which features increase the cost of an online store?

You may need some additional functions that take time and code writing to perform. Indicatively, some are:

Installation of a 2nd language
When you want to have 2 languages ​​in your e-shop, it means that we will have to build a 2nd version of the e-shop in this language. But this does not translate into double the cost.

• B2B operation for wholesale customers
In the wholesale model, there are the products you want with wholesale prices that are not visible to retail customers. Therefore, for our part, we need to build the code so that only wholesale users of your choice can see the wholesale prices.

• Countless products
The more products, the more complex the structure of the e-shop. We need to build the structure of the online store so that it remains easy to use and visible to have enough sales.

The online store allows you to learn more about your business and increase your profits. Do not deprive your business of growth. Contact us to discuss what is the best solution for you!