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The more you know

Sometimes, making decisions for your online business might be tricky and confusing.

On NT Blog, you will find useful information and advice about Digital Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Design, and Statistics.

  • "I searched for my business by its name and it came out in 1st place. So a very good website optimization has been done." We do not want to upset or disappoint you, but unfortunately, this is not the case. If you

  • Responsive Web Design is nothing new. But it is necessary on all websites. You often hear from us professional technical terms that sometimes are not fully understood. The term Responsive Web Design, which has become quite popular in recent years, refers

  • Do you find the cost of a website deterrent? Website design is an investment. But how much is it worth spending? It is true that as many different web design companies as you ask, you will get different answers about the cost

  • Do you find online store costs prohibitive? This is not always the case! Indeed, the cost of an online store is higher than the cost of a simple website. This is because online stores have more manufacturing requirements. They have more pages,

  • "I have a new website but the visits are low. What can I do to increase my website traffic?" Before we start proposing solutions and ideas to promote your website, we need to find the causes that lead to low website traffic. Even