NT Portfolio WordPress Plugin

Build a killer design showcase with NT Portfolio WordPress Plugin

NT Portfolio is a WordPress Plugin created by NODETRACK. It helps build elegant portfolio pages and it’s super-easy to use. 

With NT Portfolio WordPress Plugin you can customize the design and build beautiful showcases that suit your website’s design. The plugin offers two different arrangements to choose from: columns, and single so, no matter how many or how few projects you may have accomplished so far, your portfolio will still look professional and slick.

Arrangement: Columns

You may choose from 2 to 4 columns. To do so, change the number of columns simply by changing the number in the shortcode. This is a great feature that allows you to adjust the appearance according to the number of portfolios you have. For instance, you may find that even number of projects looks better in a four-column arrangement. Likewise, an odd number of projects looks much better with the three-column arrangement.

NOTE: You will not find any rows option because the number of rows is generated automatically according to the number of projects, the column arrangement, and the screen width. 

NT Portfolio WordPress Plugin- Columns Example
NT Portfolio – Columns Example

Layouts Column Arrangement

When you choose column arrangement you have the option to choose between four (4) different layouts. Layouts are hover effects so when you mouse over a portfolio item you can show the project’s name, a subtitle, and a link.

Adds blur effect. You can change the color and the opacity as well.
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This effect minimizes the featured image and displays the information on a boxed background. You can change to any background color you wish.
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Vertblack is classic and elegant. It adds a colored layer that works as a background for the title and the subtitle. Color # and opacity are customizable.
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Centblack adds the exact same effects as Vertblack. The main difference between the two layouts is the animation; While with Vertblack, the text scrolls from the two horizontal sides of the image, with Centblack, it appears from the center.
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Arrangement: Single portfolio item

Single item arrangement works perfectly when you want to a slider looking design. You may upload as many photos as you wish and add more information. You may also choose the standard design (view image below) with the text on the right or reversed if you prefer to move the text to the left.

NT Portfolio WordPress Plugin Single Portfolio Item Example
NT Portfolio – Single Portfolio Item Example

To view more examples of the plugin, go to NT Portfolio page ▸